November 4, 2012

Life expectancy of a mobile phone

With the recent release of the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5, I am interested in what is the expected life of a mobile phone, and I guess specifically smart phones.

In the last 3 or so years I have had 4 phones:

  • Sony Ericsson P910i
  • HTC Dream
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus

But in that same time, actually longer, I have had only one laptop; a Dell Latitude D630. (I may have had a couple of work laptops, like the newer Dell Latitude E6420 and an Apple MacBook pro, but my D630 has been my personal laptop, and it is still going strong (minus one key, + more RAM and more Disk).

Still thinking I can make it last a little longer. (SSD, new battery and some more RAM)

Given what little information I know about other people, specifically iPhone addicts, the average age of a mobile phone is about 18 months, or less.  That, looks like a lot of waste!

If you can’t sell your phone and you aren’t going to store in the back of the cupboard for the next 10 years, make sure you chuck it into one of those mobile muster bins.

Even so, that is scary to think about how much money we waste on mobile phones.

How many phones have you had in the past few years?

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