November 12, 2012

How long can I make my Dell Latitude D630 last?

Recently I have been thinking about e-waste. We buy new phones and laptops every few years (or less), and what do we do with the old stuff? I discussed this a little bit previously in my post about mobile phones.

So, in an effort to be a little more vigilant, I am going to try and see how long I can make my current laptop last. I will allow myself to replace some components and then try and re-use, dispose of appropriately or give away/sell the replaced components.

This laptop might not be the fastest thing out there, or have the latest technology (no HDMI/DisplayPort) but that doesn’t mean it can’t do the job.

Immediately I have ordered a new battery, SSD and a new nub end (the other one is pretty squished!).

I’ll keep you posted about how this experiment works out, and see who folds first, me or the laptop.

© Greg Cockburn

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