November 22, 2012

How to install a new SSD in your laptop

So, I have previously had a SSD in another Laptop, but I had to go back to my Dell Latitude D630, and it still had spinning rust. I decided that a good speed boost and improve battery time a good investment would be a SSD.

I managed to get an OZC Agility 4 256GB SSD for ~AU$170.

This is a little how-to replace your hard drive in your laptop.  Grab your new SSD and install it into a USB housing, and plug it in.

Hopefully you see something like sdb. Once you have worked out which disk is the one that has just been inserted you are ready to partition it.  I use LVM for my root, home and swap, and I am a bit legacy and still have partition 1 available for grub.

Create 1 partition, type Linux, a size of 2GB and mark it as bootable.  Now create partition 2 type Linux LVM (8e), and write the changes to the disk. Create the filesystem on first partition:

Now setup LVM, create the volumes, and make the filesystems.

Now mount these new partitions and sync your data across:

Now wait until this is complete.  Once it is complete, you can go ahead and setup grub2:

Now you can shutdown your machine and install your new SSD.

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