December 6, 2012

IPTV, IGMP and rp_filter

Having solved a very interesting multicast issue at work recently I decided it was once again time to have a go at getting IPTV working from my ISP TPG. I used to run Bering leaf, but never found a package or could be bothered building igmpproxy (which seemed to be the way to go) for leaf, and so have never really sat down and looked into getting IPTV working properly. Read more

November 22, 2012

How to install a new SSD in your laptop

So, I have previously had a SSD in another Laptop, but I had to go back to my Dell Latitude D630, and it still had spinning rust. I decided that a good speed boost and improve battery time a good investment would be a SSD. I managed to get an OZC Agility 4 256GB SSD for ~AU$170. This is a little how-to replace your hard drive in your laptop. Grab your new SSD and install it into a USB housing, and plug it in. Read more

November 21, 2012

Buy a SSD

If you don’t have a SSD in your laptop, buy one!

November 16, 2012

Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been.

Recently I have been reflecting a lot on my past. Mistakes I’ve made, things that have gone well, the high’s, low’s and everything in between, and spending less time thinking about the future. As I was growing up going through school, I always thought that history was a waste of time, but I don’t think it is now. We need to understand where we went wrong, so we can learn from that, and also remember when something was great, so we know that things can be great again (especially if you are feeling low for some reason). Read more

November 11, 2012

No more buying coffee

So, I was drinking a lot of coffee at work, and to be honest it was costing a lot of money. So from today onwards I am going to stop buying coffee. Bonus. New $dayjob has a coffee machine. Rock!

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