Xen Live Migration with iSCSI

Revision History
Revision 1.004/06/2006gjc
Initial release.
Revision 1.105/06/2006gjc
Fixed up spelling and gramatical errors. Corrected some config files and commands.
Revision 1.221/07/2006gjc
Some errors in config files, and extra packages required for building.

Table of Contents

XEN Configuration
uDev Setup
iSCSI Target
iSCSI Initiator
iSCSI Setup
XEN Virtual Machine
Create partition and File-system
Create Virtual Machine
Setup and Start Virtual Machine
XEN Live Migration


This is a document about how to set up XEN and iSCSI on 3 Debian Stable (3.1 / Sarge) machines so that you can have a virtual host that can be migrated live between 2 of the machines. The third machine will be the common disk for the virtual machine that is seen via the 2 machines running XEN. I have assumed you have some knowledge of Linux specifically Debian, but not limited to. You may need to solve some dependencies that I have left out by yourself. I can't think of everything, and I didn't start with completely empty machines.

In this example we will use dangermouse character names for the machine names. Buggles and Dangermouse will be the XEN hosts, and Penfold will house the disk that is common for both. Virtual01 will be the name we give to the virtual machine, that can be live migrated between dangermouse and buggles, using the disk on penfold over iSCSI. That was a mouthful, but don't worry we will break it down into what is hopefully simple steps.