July 21, 2013

Error: Acquire running lock failed: 256

Recently had a OVS root file system fill up due to a run away iSCSI process (and I don’t even use iSCSI…). This had a side affect of affecting almost any task that needed to interact with the Xen hypervisor (status, start, stop, etc).

Once I had worked this out and cleaned up the logs to gain space back, I had one VM which was in a very upset state and couldn’t be started, shutdown, anything. I was getting a “Error: Acquire running lock failed: 256”.

I Googled this, and lots of people suggested I delete the OVS database, but that is a big hassle (been there before).

I worked around this problem, with the following:

force a xm destroy of the VM on the command line of the host where the machine was 12 running. delete the VM (but not the config or disk) in OVM Import the VM Start it. By deleting it and importing the VM I avoided a lot of hassle. Hope this helps someone else.

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