July 21, 2013

Error: Acquire running lock failed: 256

Recently had a OVS root file system fill up due to a run away iSCSI process (and I don’t even use iSCSI…). This had a side affect of affecting almost any task that needed to interact with the Xen hypervisor (status, start, stop, etc). Once I had worked this out and cleaned up the logs to gain space back, I had one VM which was in a very upset state and couldn’t be started, shutdown, anything. Read more

November 30, 2012


Recently I had a customer decide to literally pull the power cable to test resiliency of their OVS/OVM platform. We have UPS’s installed and with the associated software can and will (I have tested it) shut down machines before power is lost to save corruption. Due to the size of this institute, we run OVM within a VM on OVS and I only use XE. We understand this isn’t a fully supported environment by Oracle, but it the moment it is what it is. Read more

February 16, 2012

Recovering from ovs-agent db corruption

I recently had a clustered OVM 2.2 system that had suffered from a catastrophic power failure across all nodes. This ended up corrupting several of the BerkelyDBs that ovs-agent keeps in /etc/ovs-agent/db and /OVS/.ovs-agent/db. On starting ovs-agent, I was getting errors like: “2012-02-15 21:56:24” INFO=> ha_set_shutdown_mode: inform master agent, leave shutdown mode. “2012-02-15 21:56:54” ERROR=> ha_set_shutdown_mode: failed. =>errcode=00001, errmsg=CDS accquire lock /etc/ovs-agent/db/ataskaux.lock timeout. locker process is 16953. StackTrace: File “/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/OVSXHA.py”, line 488, in ha_set_shutdown_mode rs = sp. Read more

February 12, 2012

Migration from OVM-2.2 to OVM-3.0.3

One of our clients had been running OVM 2.2 for several months after we set them up. They are running a database VM and a couple of application VMs. After they heard of the release of OVM 3.0 they were really keen on getting that installed. I put them off for as long as I could to ensure stability, but I couldn’t hold them off any longer, and I have just completed the migration. Read more

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