August 30, 2017

brew install version

I work with several clients and often we are using different version of tools at different times. While I’m endeavouring to move my development processes to use docker containers I still do a lot of development locally on my Mac. I’m still running Mac OS (or is that OS X??), and so I use brew to install many of my tools. What I’ve struggled with in the past is installing certain versions of the many tools. Read more

November 24, 2016

Why I prefer GNU Linux

As many people know I usually use a GNU Linux desktop environment, and have for a few years. I have previously had to use Windows during stints at large Engineering orgs, but most of the time, I was able to setup a second computer with Linux on it for day-to-day tasks. I’ve also used macOS/OS X a few times in the last few years, and I’ve got pretty frustrated with it. Read more

June 3, 2012

Nagios -> Zenoss

I assist a company that looks after many networking and a few windows and VMware machines. I had setup a Nagios instance that was doing all the monitoring, but was a little cumbersome to manage and others who are not quite so Nagios literate needed to make changes as well, and so we had setup NagiosQL, which was working OK, but not quite what we wanted. After a short discussion we decided to change to Zenoss. Read more

February 16, 2012

Recovering from ovs-agent db corruption

I recently had a clustered OVM 2.2 system that had suffered from a catastrophic power failure across all nodes. This ended up corrupting several of the BerkelyDBs that ovs-agent keeps in /etc/ovs-agent/db and /OVS/.ovs-agent/db. On starting ovs-agent, I was getting errors like: “2012-02-15 21:56:24” INFO=> ha_set_shutdown_mode: inform master agent, leave shutdown mode. “2012-02-15 21:56:54” ERROR=> ha_set_shutdown_mode: failed. =>errcode=00001, errmsg=CDS accquire lock /etc/ovs-agent/db/ataskaux.lock timeout. locker process is 16953. StackTrace: File “/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/”, line 488, in ha_set_shutdown_mode rs = sp. Read more

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